Revitalize Yourself in Wales


Looking for a peaceful weekend getaway?

Drive out to experience nature in Wales. Visit the shore and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Have a cupcake at Casa MariaMagnolia has met it’s match!

Dine at Wolfscastle.

Stay at Crundale House, a picture-perfect bed and breakfast in Wales. Veronica and her husband go out of their way to ensure that their guests are completely content, with the kind of genuine hospital that doesn’t really exist that much anymore. The rooms are tastefully decorated, especially the Rudbaxton room with a view of their beautiful garden and a welcoming bathtub to soak in. The rooms have a cozy feel, and Veronica has added tasteful touches like the True Grace orangery room diffuser leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. They make a delicious breakfast which you can select from their menu, including fresh cut fruit.

As always, have a great trip!

2 Responses to “Revitalize Yourself in Wales”

  1. It looks soooo beautiful! That is a perfect breakfast to me 🙂 I have to take Dylan (he’s Welsh) I’m going to have to talk to you for more info!!

  2. That’s a great plan, make it happen!!!:)

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