This exotic North African city is unique, chaotic and just an all-around very interesting place (although it can be tiring!) I wouldn’t recommend visiting the souks and main square more than once. There is much history though can be seen and I highly recommend taking a drive outside the city to get some fresh air and take in the nature that Morocco has to offer.

 Here’s a clip from the beautiful Kate Winslet movie ‘Hideous Kinky’, which takes place in Marrakech – a great movie that gives you a feel for the city:

Places to eat:
Le Tanjia – delicious tagines

Restaurant Le Foundouk – high-end, more tagines, but also European cuisine

Dar Essalam – authentic architecture  and you guessed it, more tagines
Stay: Riad Kaiss – great service, view from the rooftop, traditional.

Get chauffeured: / +212 670 609 876 – Our driver while we were there. He was very respectful and explained a lot about Marrakech, the people and the culture.

As always, have a great trip!

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  1. 1 Yongja

    I have been to Marrakech. But you really introduce whole different side of the exotic city. One can just look at your site before they make a trip. Great blog!!!

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