Prague – A Romantic Weekend in Eastern Europe


Prague is filled with beautiful architecture, and is all-around charming and very affordable. There are a few other places to see in this city aside from the tourist sites of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and the National Gallery though. 

Stay at Mamaison Riverside Hotel

Just across the bridge from the city center and without wifi, this simple hotel allows you to get a taste of tranquillity, while providing excellent service. I’d recommend a room on the 6thfloor with views of Prague.
Eat at Olympia – 

A ten minute walk from the hotel, this local restaurant serves delicious typical Czech food. Try the American steak or the platter of various meats. They even have a section of the menu entitled something along the lines of – ‘Food that goes with Beer’.
For a bit more upscale experience, dine at Bellevue. Try the tasting menu. As a plus, the views really are beautiful, as the name of the restaurant suggests.

Shop at Manufaktura

This store is filled with natural bath products, made of beer, wine, and dead sea minerals among other ingredients. You can find traditional wooden Christmas decorations here as well.

As always, have a great trip!

One Response to “Prague – A Romantic Weekend in Eastern Europe”

  1. 1 Yongja

    Do those restaurants know that you wrote about them? I wish we knew them before we went there. It is difficult to find good places to eat when you travel.

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