If you’re looking for a truly unique San Francisco experience, try a few of these options –


The perfect place to take your first pilot lesson and great motivation to get your pilot’s license, try Diamond Aviation at San Carlos airport. An exhilarating experience for those who don’t get queasy high off the ground in a little Cessna.


If you’re up for trying your first shooting lesson, check out Bulls-Eye gun range. Just be prepared to dive on the floor the first time you hear a shot being fired!

Shiatsu by Yukie:

My friend and I found her on yelp – and the massage really is by Yukie herself.

A lovely lady with very strong hands, she does Shiatsu in her own home. I highly recommend her and must say that this is one of the best massages I’ve had in my life.

On the list of must do’s…

Muir Woods:

Visit this national monument if you’re in the mood for a little nature walk amongst extremely tall redwood trees.


Through Crissy Fields to get a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Get out of the center of the city for scenic views of the ocean and of the landscape in general.

Visit Napa and Sonoma Valley: Very charming wine country just outside of San Francisco, this is a must see.

Marin County is a beautiful affluent suburb in the North San Francisco Bay area and pleasant to drive through.


All the essentials from Victoria’s Secret to designer attire are located in and around Union Square. Heels are not recommended for this trek as San Fran is full of hills.


Catch some sun and a bit of R&R at Ocean Beach. Don’t forget to dig your toes in the sand.

The basics…


There are over 4,500 restaurants in this small city.

A favourite is Pacific Catch – a simple place with fusion cuisine – go for the Hawaiian Poke Japanese Wasabi rice bowl – so fresh and so healthy!

This city thrives on healthy, natural food, products, and lifestyle (exemplified below):

Share a pizza and dip into a salad at A16, delicate Italian food that hits the spot at the perfect date locale.

For dessert, sample some mouth-watering Smitten ice cream – created instantly with liquid nitrogen and made of all natural ingredients. Food snobs around the world will be blown away.


Bask in luxury at the Fairmont – a centrally located, beautiful hotel oozing with charm. Construction on this Nob Hill hotel first began in 1902 and it remains an icon to this day.

As always, have a great trip!


  1. Great post! San Fran is SUCH a great city! I need to go back and try some of these restaurants you mentioned :)a

  2. 2 Farmer

    A gun shooting plane flying gypsy jettsetter… what can’t you do?

    ahhh i remember…hold your liquor. 😉

  3. 3 amrita

    Great post about San Francisco! I’ve lived there and after reading your post I definitely need to go back for a visit just to do some of the things you’ve listed on your must dos!

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