As exciting as frequent flying can be, there are some downsides, mainly jet lag.

I asked frequent flyer Keith McNamara, CEO of LandRoller, Inc. what method he uses –  “I think try to get up reasonably early and stay up all day (no naps). Or take a pill in the evening. Ambien works!”

Jet lag occurs when we travel through several time zones and then experience daylight at the “wrong time”, which upsets our body clock. Traveling from West to East worsens jet lag because it is more difficult for the body to adapt to a shorter day.

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  • Make sure you’re well rested before you’re flight, and sleep on the flight if it’s overnight.
  • If traveling East, get up and go to bed earlier a few days before travel and vice versa for those traveling Westward. Eat and sleep according to your destination’s local time on the flight.


  • Drink lots of water. Try to avoid caffeine or alcohol or heavy meals.
  • Take melatonin or other sleep aids sparingly – natural sleep is always better.


  • Get as much sleep during 24 hours as you can – at least a minimum “anchor sleep” of four hours will help you get adjusted to the new time zone. Try to avoid naps.
  • Exposure to daylight at the right times of the day will help your body adjust to the new time zone. British Airways has its own “Jetlag calculator” to help determine the proper exposure to ensure speedy recovery from jet lag. I am a bit skeptical but if BA says it works…
  • If your stay is less than 4 days, it might be easier to keep your body clock as closely on home time as possible for eating and sleeping to make the adjustment upon return easier.

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4 Responses to “NO MORE JETLAG PLEASE”

  1. 1 Monique

    Very good tips!!! Ill be using them on my next work trip abroad, thanks!! xoxo

  2. 2 Yongja Kim

    Good suggestions! You can be a good consultant. yj

  3. 3 Annie

    Hope I can visit soon and use these tips!! 😉 XO

  4. 4 amrita

    good advice! i used your advise yesterday after traveling and as much as wanted to take a nap i resisted and though I ended up going to bed a bit early, I feel good to go today and jetlag free.

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